Q Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No, you can self – refer. If, however, we feel that you need further investigations we will refer you to your GP/consultant.

Q How long does a treatment session last?
The first appointment is usually 45 minutes, 30 minutes for succeeding sessions.

Q What happens at the first treatment?
After taking a detailed history of your problem, we conduct a thorough physical examination and then discuss with you and start an appropriate treatment plan. Do wear appropriate clothing please.

Q Is there parking available?
Parking with disabled access available at Rothschild House Surgery, limited access at Sutton Court.

Q How much does it cost?
The first appointment is £50 and follow up sessions £38.

Q How can I pay?
We take cash, cheque and cards at Rothschild House Surgery. Cash and cheques only at Sutton Court.

Q When is the best time to come for physiotherapy?
As soon as you injure yourself! Acute problems can rapidly become chronic ones. We can advise on the best management and if necessary refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Q Do we do home visits?
Yes, these are available on request.