Our Services


All our physiotherapists are Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and registered with the Health Care and Professions Council. We are accredited with all major insurance companies.
We are well qualified, experienced practitioners with our own specialities which means you have access to the best possible advice and treatment. We also work alongside other practioners and have excellent links with hospital consultants to whom we will refer if further investigations are needed.
Typical conditions which we treat include:
• Spinal – recent or long-standing neck and back pain including sciatica, prolapsed discs, trapped nerves,
• Soft tissue injuries – muscle/ligament/tendon sprains and strains.
• Sports Injuries
• Post-op – upper/lower limb and spinal surgery.
• Whiplash – following road traffic accidents or trauma
• Headaches
• Paediatrics – musculo–skeletal problems and scoliosis
• Women’s health – pregnancy, SPD, pelvic floor weakness.
• Work related overuse injuries
• Chronic Pain
Our aim is not only to treat your symptoms but to establish and correct the underlying cause of the problem. We use a combination of treatments to suit your needs and condition.
• Spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation
• Soft tissue massage/myofascial release
• Core stability /Pilates
• Acupuncture (Alison, Brigid & Tom)
• Electrotherapy – ultrasound/interferential therapy
• Specific rehabilitation strategies
• Strapping/taping
• Posture and muscle balance analysis/correction

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